Welcome to the Rostock University Medical Center! We are pleased that you are interested in an ERASMUS+ stay at our faculty. Below you will find important information about the application process and your ERASMUS+ stay with us.

1. Educate yourself

Please check first whether there is a cooperation between your home university and Rostock University Medical Center. In that case, you must apply for the ERASMUS+ program at your home university and your local Erasmus office can nominate you as an exchange student.

You can find an overview of the ERASMUS+ partner universities of Rostock University Medical Center here.

2. Application at your home university and selection by your ERASMUS+ coordinator

If there is a cooperation within the framework of ERASMUS+ with the Rostock University Medical Center, you must first apply to your university for the ERASMUS+ program. The Erasmus coordinator at your home university will do the application procedure and distribute the exchange places.

3. Nomination of students at the University of Rostock

After you have received a confirmation of the exchange place from your home university and have also accepted it, the nomination of the students at the partner universities takes place. The nomination is done by the Erasmus Coordinator of your home university.

4. ToDo - Before the stay

  1. Preparation of the Learning Agreement (before mobility)

    After you have been admitted to the ERASMUS+ study programme by the Erasmus office of your home university, you have to prepare a Learning Agreement "before mobility".You cannot rely on being able to attend all the courses you would normally study at your home university also in Rostock. It is worth comparing the course schedules of both study locations (also of higher and lower semesters).

    We have compiled an overview of all courses and ECTS points from the 5th to the 10th semester of human medicine. Please enter the courses you would like to attend in Rostock with the corresponding semester in Table A on the Learning Agreement. If you have any questions, please contact the Erasmus Office of the Rostock University Medical Center.

    An overview of the timetables of Human Medicine Rostock can be found here.

    Finally, send the completed Learning Agreement "before mobility" by e-mail to the Rostock International House of the University of Rostock. After we have checked it, we will send it back to you signed. Your home university must also check and sign the Learning Agreement.
  2. Application to the University of Rostock

    The application for the ERASMUS+ study programme at the Rostock University Medical Center takes place through the Rostock International House. All information about the application process can be found on the website of the Rostock International House of the University of Rostock.

    Application Deadline

    Winter Semester: July 15 of the same year
    Summer Semester: January 15 of the same year

    For the ERASMUS+ programme at the Rostock University Medical Center you need the language certificate German B2 according to CEFR (for the application a confirmation of the current participation in a B2 language course is sufficient) The B2-certificate can be submitted until the beginning of the semester at the Rostock International House.
  3. Immunisation record form

    Please note that an Immunisation Record is required and that we can only accept students with documented complete vaccination status of all required vaccinations.

    All Erasmus students have the obligation to contact their family doctor with this form:
    The completed form must be submitted before entering Germany at the latest by 15 July to the Erasmus Office.

    You must also make an appointment with the company medical service of the Rostock University Medical Center. Please contact betriebsarzt{bei} or +49381 494 9973. Make an appointment as soon as it is predictable when you will be in Rostock!

5. During the stay

  1. Enrollment at the University of Rostock

    You will need to definitively register in the Central Student’s Office, where you will also need to show the proof of your guest studentship obtained in the Rostock International House. After registering, you will receive a (temporary) student ID and permission to register online for courses, a certification of enrolment, and the information for setting up your internet account with the university.
  2. Preparation of the Learning Agreement (during mobility)

    If you find out at the beginning of your stay abroad that you would like to attend other courses than agreed upon in the learning agreement (Section before mobility), then you have to create a learning agreement “during mobility".

    The Learning Agreement (during mobility) must be submitted to the Erasmus Office of the Rostock University Medical Center within 5 weeks after the start of the semester. You will then receive a signed copy back from us, have it confirmed by your host university and submit it to the Rostock International House.

    Courses that have not been agreed upon in the Learning Agreement cannot be recognized afterwards.

6. After the stay

  1. Transcript of Records (ToR)

    You create your own Transcript of Records. Please ask your professors and instructors at the beginning of the semester which tests you need to take and how you receive documentation of the results.
    You may then transfer the contents of that documentation into your transcript of records form and finally show this form, along with the supporting documentation, to the Erasmus Office of the Rostock University Medical Center, who must then sign it. Afterwards you send the signed transcript of records to your home university.
  2. Exmatriculation from the university

    To end your enrolment with the University of Rostock, you will need to pick up a form from the Student’s Office which needs to be signed by the university library, the Center for IT and Media, and your department. You will need to show this form in order to receive a document certifying your exmatriculation, without which you would be unable to apply to another university in Germany, for example, for beginning a master’s programme.