Please check whether there is a cooperation between your home university and the Rostock University. In that case, you must apply for the Erasmus + program at your home university and this can nominate you as an exchange student.

Please forward your Learning Agreementform from your home university, which will be signed by the coordinator at the faculty of your home university, by the coordinator at the responsible department at the University of Rostock, and by you.


If you have any questions regarding your study program (for example compiling the subjects, setting the timetable, ECTS credits please contact the Erasmus office.


Please note that we generally require a language certificate for all applicants. For an Erasmus + stay at the Medical Faculty the level B1 is required for lectures and the level B2 is required for internships.


Please note that a Medical Certificate and an Immunisation record is needed (here in German language). 


Prof. Junghanß is the Departemental Erasmus Coordinator. 

The Erasmus office can be found on this map: the street is Schillingallee, the office is on the second floor (1. OG in German) where the Number 1g is in a circle. The room number is 1.215.


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